The Kids

The Kids
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Feel Inspired

It is hard to believe that this was over 35 years ago but the story starts here. My desire to serve. I had many wonderful Primary teachers at church that I truly believe loved me. Sister Carol, Sister Lewis and Miffy (pictured below). Here she sits outside the meetinghouse with her primary class. I am the boy with the dark brown jumper.


The Kings said...

Oh wow!!! I just fell off my chair when my blogroll told me that The Prebbles had updated their blog!!!!
ABOUT TIME!!!!! :) You were a cute kid! Where did it all go wrong!?!?! ;)

Wheeler Team said...

Wow, you're still alive!
I can't help but notice that gorgeous red-headed kid. His clothes really make an impression....Hi CHRIS

Kieran Spilling said...

i'm just going to agree with the 2 lisas... WHAT THE HECK! YOU ARE STILL ALIVE! bout time too.

you certainly were a hunky-spunk when you were younger!

Country/City Boy said...

At least your kids give us a blog everynow and again Scott.

I believe you were taggeed, so we need a new blog on that.

Gotta love the old kid shots.

Collette said...

Who else is in the pic?